Fools Made Kings

Exploration into the Heights

Free of Candlemere Tower, The Fools returned victorious to Greywater.

Taking time to expand the Fools extended Braveros’s reach to include a great portion of the Greenbelt. After several months they noticed a stoppage in the shipment from Varnhold and a complete lack of communications from their neighbors.

Investigating the trouble the Fools discovered that the civil strife between Issia and Rostov has grown. The Swordlords withdrew their support back to Restov, effectively abandoning the Nomen Heights to the wild. It appears that so much has escaped the eyes and ears of the Swordlords that an enterprising group of adventures could even begin expanding their stake into the Heights..

Discovering a for that was abandoned when the Swordlords withdrew and a mostly unfriendly town the Fools headed south to Varnhold.

Finding it empty as well they cautiously explored north of the river crossing and, deciding that they needed to make haste, walked upon the fortification on the south end of town. As they approached a band of Spriggans opened fire upon them. The Fools quickly managed to parlay with the Spriggans and discovered their leader, Agai, bragging that he and his men had sacked the town and put every citizen to the sword. He charged the Fools with taking word of his conquest back to the Swordlords.

Licking their wounds (and gathering their weapons) the Fools began to slowly make their way back north through Varnhold when they spied a small shape following them. It appeared to be a Spriggan with a small mop of white hair atop its bald head and dressed in tattered robes.

“Friends,” it said, “I brings an offer – no – how you talls say it? Prom-o-sise? YES! Promise from Agai, glorious lord o’ the Nomen Heights. Listen, friends?”



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