Fools Made Kings

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We join our campaign already in progress:

-Our brave heroes defeated Hargulka, king of the trolls, but the brave Marshal of Braveros paid the highest cost. Giving his life allowed his party to dispatch Nagrundi – the fearsome two-headed troll bodyguard of the keep.

-Interred at the unclaimed Temple of Erastil with the Helm of the Stag Lord the site was immediately cleared of any and all debris. Even though the temple had previously been restored by putting the guardian to rest – the work done with Gregor’s burial would allow the kingdom to absorb this location without any effort (no bp cost to claim the hex)

-The Fools were rewarded by the Swordlords with a person stipend of 2,000gp. Gregor’s share was given to the kingdom.

-Erik Valstus was promoted to Warden of Braveros. He promised to serve his cousin’s post with honour and dignity.



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