Fools Made Kings


The mystery deepens

-The Fools explored Varnhold, setting fire to a legion of rats and stumbling across the Inn, The Waterhorse. Inside they find a room filled with books that belonged to a Maestro of Oppera who was clearly doing research into the Nomen centaur and the history of the Nomen Heights and believed he had found a clue about one of their gods named Vordakai. Most disturbing, the Fools discovered the word “NOMEN” hastily scratched into the door of the inn.

-During their cautious exploration of Varnhold, the Fools were approached by a spriggan named Muggut who stated he had a deal from Agai: go and deal with some cyclops who had run them off their land and the spriggan agreed to leave the area. The Fools spent much of their time deliberating ‘plans’ until Damien announced he would make no deals with murderers and would only broker a deal with Agai himself under a zone of truth. Muggut stated that he felt like this would go poorly and if he didn’t return within an hour then it was a sign that Agai would not agree to their proposal. The Fools sent him along and he did not return.

-Seeing this as a sign the Fools decided to strike out and search for clues in the foothills of the Dunsward. Their aim was to secure an audience with the Nomen centaur and see if they could find some answers of their own.. Setting out to the Southeast the PCs came across and ancient and violent bulette who they triumphed over almost at the cost of at one of their own.



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