Fools Made Kings

Through darkness fell

An old evil stirs

-Returning to Greywater the Fools come across some bandits that attempted to rob the Narthropple Expedition, but found themselves outclassed by a child. The child, Roki, had control of a powerful shadow guardian – Kiriku (Kiri) – that allowed him to defeat the bandits and keep the Narthropple gnomes safe. After a brief discussion the Fools decided to allow this child to accompany them.

-Returning to their keep, the Fools closed out business for the season. They elected Zephus as Magister of Braveros. Using funds from the treasury they erected an eastern facing wall at both Greywater and Olegton.

-Eddal Dimmons, father of the slain Gregor, appeared as an agent of Maegar Varn (the Varnlings) and offered a lucrative trading deal which the Fools gladly accepted.

-Lilly Teskerton, spymistress, was tasked to watch the surrounding kingdoms with interest.

-The Fools set out to Candlemere lake to investigate the rumors/affliction of strange dreams sweeping their kingdom. Citizens reported a recurring nightmare in which they walked to the shores of Candlemere Lake and drowned themselves by casting into the water. They discovered the site had recently been cleared out with some activity and ventured deep within.
They dispatched a pair of devilish guardians in the outer hall
They came across a haunted hallway and a working laboratory. As they explore a seemingly harmless experiment sprung to life in Zaphus’s hands – lashing out at him.



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