Fools Made Kings


-The Fools defeated the gibbering mouther and the mimic with hardly any trouble. Pushing forward they found an abandoned library that appeared to be in the same ancient Aklo language dotted throughout this foul place.

-Damien stumbled into a patch of green slime and through some hasty footwork and some cries of outrage, was able to detonate a fireball on himself – scourging the organism from his body and belongings.

-Recovering, cursing the fool, and gathering up again, they took watch. The night passed without event, however, they all noticed a distortion of time as they waited through the night.

-Proceeding forward the next ‘day’ the Fools descended a long stairway and came across a room serving as a bedding place for Drow slaves. They spoke only of “work” and “digging” and some unknown “master” that they clearly feared. Running on instinct they sought to open the door into the next room, the Fools sprang into action, but were unable to stop them.

-Moving into the final chamber a silent figure floated in front of an ancient crystalline structure, pulsing green in the darkness. Two troll guards, dominated, moved forward to block their progress. Turning, the robed figure unleashed a psionic assault that left Zaphus and Ergo stunned and unable to act. As the trolls gathered them up and brought them forward the cleric and Roki launched into action to save them. One of the troll guards moved to protect its master and dropped Damien, after rending him limb from limb. Kiki and Roki were able to put pressure on the evil figure, but not before it could reveal itself to be a dreaded Mind Flayer. Unleashing a torrent of psionic energy on Roki, the child succumbed. The Mind Flayer destroyed the crystalline structure (obviously annoyed his timetable had been shortened) and took a piece of shadowstuff into an amulet and plane shifted away, leaving the Fools to recover as best they could.


Great session. The mind flayer was certainly tricky, but I had a lot of fun. We need a “helm of +20 to will saves” for poor Ergo.


Agreed! Great session indeed! Best part of the night for Zephus was the Cure Mod decision.


I know where this goes…


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