Gregor Dimmons (Deceased)

A skilled ranger who was a founding member of Braveros and served as its first Marshall.


Common born, Gregor Dimmons grew up the first born son of Arrianne and Eddal Dimmons. A hunter and woodsman by trade, the Dimmons lived in a small cabin outside New Stetven. His father provided a meager living, but the family never wonted. He became brother to two sisters, the second born Julianna and the third born Nera. As soon as he matured, he was quickly recruited into his father’s trade. He had grown up exploring the land around them and took to the wilderness easily.

His teenage years were the best, by far. His father was impressed by the way he excelled in the fields of marksmanship and trail guiding and grew to love his son’s easy way with people and quick-to-learn nature. Gregor grew into a strong young man. It was in his 16th year that all would change.

House Rogarvia had a need, and they came to every able body to call. Eddal was called to duty by his lord, a calling he could or did not wish to refuse. He was commissioned to join his lord’s outrider column to repel a particularly troubling band of criminals. As Eddal kissed his family goodbye, promising that he’d be back in a few months, the young man had a feeling it would be the last day he ever would see his father. A month later, the guards reported that Eddal had fallen ill at an encampment and died. It felt as though Gregor aged five years in that brief moment.
Five years flew by as the boy grew into a man, doing the best to provide for his mother and two younger sisters as a woodsmen for hire. The news of Eddal had been taken to the very spirit of poor Arrianne, and her beautiful light frame grew pale and skeletal with sickness. She was bed ridden, and the cabin grew too cold and wild for her own good. Gregor knew what he would have to move his family into New Stetven, but he didn’t have the means to do so.

It was then that news reached the outlying countryman that the nobility of Brevoy was looking for men to travel into the Stolen Lands and stake claims. Gregor felt deep inside that this was his chance. He inquired and discovered that those who volunteered would be required to strike out in two years, in four expedition troupes. He knew what this would mean, and knew that he would need to be noticed. He did the only thing he could – he enlisted with the New Stetven scouts.

Though his family disapproved, distrusting of the martial system, Gregor moved them into a flea bitten hovel within the city limits. He hated the cooped up lifestyle of the city, but found easier care for his mother and it a highly reduced upkeep cost for the family. He spent the next two years training with New Stetven’s scouts, learning the arts of the sword as well. The scout captain, Briggind, knew who he was and was happy to have him aboard. It wasn’t long before had volunteered for the expedition, and found himself selected.

The endowment was enough to supply his family with enough income to survive for at least a year without help. The rest went to equipment – leathers, a combat bow, and a sword. He gathered up his rations and kissed his family goodbye as painful memories flooded his heart and mind. He pledged to them that one day, he would provide for them like he or his father never could. He promised his mother a cottage with servants, his oldest sister handmaidens of her own, and his youngest sister a silver comb and mirror. With that, he struck out to forge his own future.

Gregor Dimmons (Deceased)

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