Roki is a young halfling - a preteen, in fact - who is strongly gifted as a summoner. His eidolon, Kikiru, proves to be the center of his strength.


An excerpt from Roki’s journal:

Everything hurts more when you’re alone. I’ve been hurting ever since Mom died in the attack. It’s like I’m bleeding and I can’t stop it, because it’s on the inside somewhere. I don’t like it. Kiki says it will go away over time – but I’m tired of waiting for time to pass. It’s too slow. So many things happened in the last year, and it went so fast, and now time is slow again. I hate it.

Why do Gerana and the others hate me so much? Kiki says it’s because she came. I didn’t ask Kiki to come, honestly, but I wouldn’t change it now. She is my best friend and she’s been the only person I can trust since I was exiled from Tulina village. I’ll never go back there, no matter what anybody wants. They don’t care about me anymore. I have to make my own way now.

It used to be so easy when Mom was alive. I’d go play in the woods for hours and practice my gift – that’s what Nana Noonie called my magic. Frogs, birds, then later even wolves or cheetahs – I had a way of calling these animals to my side out of nowhere ever since I could remember. Grigg from Narthople said that I’m called a Summoner. I guess it makes sense. Things were normal until about a year ago, when I started to have the dreams.

I would have these nightmares where I was running and flying in a terrible place full of smoke and pain and shadows. I was bigger and stronger and faster. I had trouble sleeping and kept spending my nights running in this strange place. One night, I dreamt the same dream – only in my dream there was a bright light that called to me. I went through the light and I saw myself asleep in my bed. When I woke up – there was Kikiru, in my room. She scared me at first because of how fierce and strong she looked. But then she laid beside my bed and called me “master.”

She began to visit me often – I learned how to call her, like the other things, to come and visit me. I would only meet her in the woods to keep her secret. We talked about where she was from – someplace I don’t really understand where there are lots of evil things. But Kiki isn’t evil. She’s like me – she wants to see good things happen. Then the trolls came.

Trolls are the meanest creatures I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re ugly, vicious, and they don’t respect anyone. They attacked Tulina at night. I didn’t know how to help, but I knew that Kiki would. I hid and called her to me and she helped me do what I never though I could – fight! We helped the warriors drive back the trolls and saved most of the village.

Mom died that night. They say that some trolls tore her apart and burned our hut. I didn’t find a single trace of her anywhere. It was the saddest night of my life, but Kiki was there. Unfortunately, the village did not like the sight of Kiki. They screamed at me and told me that it was because she was here that this happened. I didn’t understand what they meant, but what could I do? Geranna, the witch and one of the elders of Tulina, called Kiki a “demon” and me an “evil spawn.” They cast me out of the village and told me to never return.

I thought I would not survive the wilderness – but I had Kiki and my other friends to help me. I did ok, but I was lucky when Narthrople’s Expedition discovered me. They took me in. They’re such a friendly bunch of gnomes. I stayed with them for a few months and even learned a bit from Grigg. He knows a lot about magic.

I feel like its time to go my own way again. We came to Braveros, a brand new kingdom, and we’re here in Greywater. Kiki says that I’m going to make a new life here. I hope so. I hope that I can do something to help, to make sure that no one has to hurt like I do. I don’t want to be alone.


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