Magus of Unknown Origin


Zephus knows not from where he hails. The earliest memory he can recall is of having life breathing back into him on the banks of the Sellen River. Some fishermen from the village of Isenmoor saw him wash up one day unconcious and without breath. The town priest, a peculiar druid named Edwin, happend to be walking by and came upon the scene. Zephus does not know what the druid did, but he remembers being violently pulled from his peaceful slumber.

When asked his name the elf was embarrased to say that he did not remember. Perhaps that was the price of his revival. Perhaps his memories will return one day. A spellbook he found in his pouch contained the name Zephus which he assumed was his name. He remembered the spellbook. He remembered studying it, mastering the spells within it. He also remembered his skill with the rapier attached to his belt. He must have been a warrior or an adventurer of some kind.

The elf stayed with the people of Isenmoor for a few weeks. Whatever ordeal he had experienced before washing up near the village had taken a great toll from his body. He was fatigued and weak for several days following the incident. He parted in good company and travelled for several weeks, soon finding himself in the Stolen Lands where he has lived and travelled ever since.

He took notice of the envoy from Brevoy when they first entered his lands. He kept out of sight initially, studying the inhabitants of his lands as they began expanding. Finding no cause for fear or alarm, he soon became a regular inhabitant of Graywater, bringing furs and other goods for trade. He even became friends with a man named Kestin, a warrior and protector of the city and volunteered regularly to assist with patrols.

A couple of nights ago he experienced a dream that haunted him until this day. He was in the Sellen River again, drowning. He floated upon a shoddy temply made of driftwood and extended a hand towards the temple, attempting to grab hold of a branch to save himself. His hands caught some vines and he began pulling himself towards the structure. Just then, a river rat emerged from within the temple and approached the elf. He spoke and his voice was eerily familiar.

The rat said, “You must repay the debt. You must build a home for my children, the forgotten and lonely people of Isenmoor. Lest the cold darkness once again consume you.”

The rat then raised his hand and shoved my head underwater. In the dream Zephus felt himself drowning once again, struggling against the inhuman strength of the beast. The next day he met with Kestin and asked for an audience with the champions of Graywater.


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