Fools Made Kings

The mystery deepens

-The Fools explored Varnhold, setting fire to a legion of rats and stumbling across the Inn, The Waterhorse. Inside they find a room filled with books that belonged to a Maestro of Oppera who was clearly doing research into the Nomen centaur and the history of the Nomen Heights and believed he had found a clue about one of their gods named Vordakai. Most disturbing, the Fools discovered the word “NOMEN” hastily scratched into the door of the inn.

-During their cautious exploration of Varnhold, the Fools were approached by a spriggan named Muggut who stated he had a deal from Agai: go and deal with some cyclops who had run them off their land and the spriggan agreed to leave the area. The Fools spent much of their time deliberating ‘plans’ until Damien announced he would make no deals with murderers and would only broker a deal with Agai himself under a zone of truth. Muggut stated that he felt like this would go poorly and if he didn’t return within an hour then it was a sign that Agai would not agree to their proposal. The Fools sent him along and he did not return.

-Seeing this as a sign the Fools decided to strike out and search for clues in the foothills of the Dunsward. Their aim was to secure an audience with the Nomen centaur and see if they could find some answers of their own.. Setting out to the Southeast the PCs came across and ancient and violent bulette who they triumphed over almost at the cost of at one of their own.

Exploration into the Heights

Free of Candlemere Tower, The Fools returned victorious to Greywater.

Taking time to expand the Fools extended Braveros’s reach to include a great portion of the Greenbelt. After several months they noticed a stoppage in the shipment from Varnhold and a complete lack of communications from their neighbors.

Investigating the trouble the Fools discovered that the civil strife between Issia and Rostov has grown. The Swordlords withdrew their support back to Restov, effectively abandoning the Nomen Heights to the wild. It appears that so much has escaped the eyes and ears of the Swordlords that an enterprising group of adventures could even begin expanding their stake into the Heights..

Discovering a for that was abandoned when the Swordlords withdrew and a mostly unfriendly town the Fools headed south to Varnhold.

Finding it empty as well they cautiously explored north of the river crossing and, deciding that they needed to make haste, walked upon the fortification on the south end of town. As they approached a band of Spriggans opened fire upon them. The Fools quickly managed to parlay with the Spriggans and discovered their leader, Agai, bragging that he and his men had sacked the town and put every citizen to the sword. He charged the Fools with taking word of his conquest back to the Swordlords.

Licking their wounds (and gathering their weapons) the Fools began to slowly make their way back north through Varnhold when they spied a small shape following them. It appeared to be a Spriggan with a small mop of white hair atop its bald head and dressed in tattered robes.

“Friends,” it said, “I brings an offer – no – how you talls say it? Prom-o-sise? YES! Promise from Agai, glorious lord o’ the Nomen Heights. Listen, friends?”


-The Fools defeated the gibbering mouther and the mimic with hardly any trouble. Pushing forward they found an abandoned library that appeared to be in the same ancient Aklo language dotted throughout this foul place.

-Damien stumbled into a patch of green slime and through some hasty footwork and some cries of outrage, was able to detonate a fireball on himself – scourging the organism from his body and belongings.

-Recovering, cursing the fool, and gathering up again, they took watch. The night passed without event, however, they all noticed a distortion of time as they waited through the night.

-Proceeding forward the next ‘day’ the Fools descended a long stairway and came across a room serving as a bedding place for Drow slaves. They spoke only of “work” and “digging” and some unknown “master” that they clearly feared. Running on instinct they sought to open the door into the next room, the Fools sprang into action, but were unable to stop them.

-Moving into the final chamber a silent figure floated in front of an ancient crystalline structure, pulsing green in the darkness. Two troll guards, dominated, moved forward to block their progress. Turning, the robed figure unleashed a psionic assault that left Zaphus and Ergo stunned and unable to act. As the trolls gathered them up and brought them forward the cleric and Roki launched into action to save them. One of the troll guards moved to protect its master and dropped Damien, after rending him limb from limb. Kiki and Roki were able to put pressure on the evil figure, but not before it could reveal itself to be a dreaded Mind Flayer. Unleashing a torrent of psionic energy on Roki, the child succumbed. The Mind Flayer destroyed the crystalline structure (obviously annoyed his timetable had been shortened) and took a piece of shadowstuff into an amulet and plane shifted away, leaving the Fools to recover as best they could.

The Deeps
Our adventurers in peril

As Zaphus tore his hand free the jar sprung to life and attacked him.

“What devilry is this?”

“A mimic!” Damien cried out.

The Fools sprang into action, but in the chaos the jar containing the foul-smelling offal was upturned to the floor. Over the shattering glass a din of cacophony could be heard….

Through darkness fell
An old evil stirs

-Returning to Greywater the Fools come across some bandits that attempted to rob the Narthropple Expedition, but found themselves outclassed by a child. The child, Roki, had control of a powerful shadow guardian – Kiriku (Kiri) – that allowed him to defeat the bandits and keep the Narthropple gnomes safe. After a brief discussion the Fools decided to allow this child to accompany them.

-Returning to their keep, the Fools closed out business for the season. They elected Zephus as Magister of Braveros. Using funds from the treasury they erected an eastern facing wall at both Greywater and Olegton.

-Eddal Dimmons, father of the slain Gregor, appeared as an agent of Maegar Varn (the Varnlings) and offered a lucrative trading deal which the Fools gladly accepted.

-Lilly Teskerton, spymistress, was tasked to watch the surrounding kingdoms with interest.

-The Fools set out to Candlemere lake to investigate the rumors/affliction of strange dreams sweeping their kingdom. Citizens reported a recurring nightmare in which they walked to the shores of Candlemere Lake and drowned themselves by casting into the water. They discovered the site had recently been cleared out with some activity and ventured deep within.
They dispatched a pair of devilish guardians in the outer hall
They came across a haunted hallway and a working laboratory. As they explore a seemingly harmless experiment sprung to life in Zaphus’s hands – lashing out at him.

A bump in the night
While you were away

As the Fools return to Greywater and take in the comforts of home they begin to hear disturbing rumours. It appears that most, if not all, of the citizens of Greywater are sharing a disturbing dream.

They awake each morning exhausted and frightened about the images they slumber through.

Behind closed doors, in hushed voices, they whisper one word: “Candlemere.”

Media Res

We join our campaign already in progress:

-Our brave heroes defeated Hargulka, king of the trolls, but the brave Marshal of Braveros paid the highest cost. Giving his life allowed his party to dispatch Nagrundi – the fearsome two-headed troll bodyguard of the keep.

-Interred at the unclaimed Temple of Erastil with the Helm of the Stag Lord the site was immediately cleared of any and all debris. Even though the temple had previously been restored by putting the guardian to rest – the work done with Gregor’s burial would allow the kingdom to absorb this location without any effort (no bp cost to claim the hex)

-The Fools were rewarded by the Swordlords with a person stipend of 2,000gp. Gregor’s share was given to the kingdom.

-Erik Valstus was promoted to Warden of Braveros. He promised to serve his cousin’s post with honour and dignity.


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